Revving Up Adventure: The Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR with Exceptional Sound System Integration from MTX Audio

March 19, 2024


The Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo, developed by MTX Audio in partnership with Polaris, combines top-tier off-road performance with innovative sound system integration. Featuring a distinctive Blue Thunder color scheme as a nod to MTX’s audio heritage, it boasts a high-fidelity MTX Audio system capable of delivering exceptional sound in harsh conditions.

The system’s core includes a custom dash with integrated speakers, subwoofers, and an iPad for control, complemented by tower speakers on the roll bars and a bespoke aluminum subwoofer enclosure. This edition transforms the vehicle into an enveloping sound experience, reflecting MTX Audio’s dedication to elevating the off-roading journey through superior audio quality.

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