AV as a service, or AVaaS, is emerging as a smart way for enterprise customers to take advantage of the latest pro AV technology without the need for continual capital expenditures. AVaaS can also cut down on the need for regular internal training on maintenance and equipment.

Stephen Jenkins, Senior Director of Intelligent Technology Solutions at Diversified, stopped by the Pro AV podcast to speak with James Kent on AVaaS and how it’s paying off for customers who rely on AV for their business.

“As more and more of these AV devices become connected to the network, that opens up the opportunity for proactive monitoring and remote management that allows a service provider to deliver excellent service with guaranteed up times and guaranteed availability,” Jenkins said.

The key to putting together the right AVaaS model is a partnership between client and provider. Jenkins said this is what Diversified does when working with its enterprise customers. They work together to determine the needs and the standards, then a plan is created to accomplish a client’s goals.

“From Diversified’s standpoint, we think service agreements should be built on business outcomes. And that could be unique to someone’s specific business,” Jenkins said. “When you’re on a service agreement, you’re on a predictable monthly payment that includes the hardware, the support, the management and everything. All the AV needs, for say a client’s conference rooms, are taken care of by the service provider. This level of service can be very appealing.”

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