Dear Matt: What is the Best AVoIP Solution?

December 15, 2023


As AVoIP (AV over IP) becomes more integral to audiovisual professionals, the improved and streamlined AV system implementations resulting from AVoIP solutions lead to a natural question. What is the best AVoIP solution? The answer? It depends.

In the latest episode of “Dear Matt,” presented by Vistacom, Matt Boyer, the Chief Technology Officer at Vistacom, leverages his 30+ years of experience in the AV industry to address the factors crucial for selecting an effective AVoIP system tailored to specific use cases and performance requirements. Boyer illustrates this with examples ranging from houses of worship to hospital operating rooms, highlighting how different scenarios demand varied AVoIP solutions. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the intended application and desired performance level, whether dealing with compressed video and latency in a worship setting or requiring uncompressed video with sub-millisecond latency in a medical environment. Additionally, Boyer advises considering factors like the manufacturer’s reputation, support quality, ease of management, API availability, and hardware requirements. Concluding the segment, Boyer invites viewers to submit their AV questions to Vistacom, ensuring a continuous exchange of knowledge in the AV community.

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