VuWall’s Security Features Utilize AV Over IP to Meet Workplace Security Demands


The significant shift in security demands has seen modest operation centers evolve into larger, more intricate spaces. This change isn’t just a nod to expansion but underscores the demand and importance of comprehensive security in modern businesses. Then enter AV over IP solutions, which replace the old-fashioned bulky matrix switchers and provide a decentralized security interface. This approach is more resilient and versatile, granting businesses with multiple locations seamless content access. 

At the heart of this transformation is VuWall, an AV solutions company known for fusing real-time content management with prompt alerts for unexpected events. Leading the charge in refining this cutting-edge integration is David Bromberg, Director of Business Development at VuWall, whose expertise is pivotal in adapting technology to contemporary security challenges and solving for real-life challenges and security use cases. Showcasing at GSX 2023, Bromberg detailed some of the key trends motivating the need for more advanced and robust mission control technologies, and how his company is assisting security operations managers in reacting to real-time and delayed threats.

Bromberg’s Thoughts on Security Demands

On SOC and Security Evolution

“What they’re doing these days is they’re evolving into larger spaces. Why? Because there’s so much need for security.”

VuWall USA at GSX 2023

“So we’re really excited to be here at GSX, a security integration show. We’ve got a host of products here in the booth. You can see a large 3×2 video wall behind us. We’re driving this entire video wall with two very simple node devices that we call PAC. This PAC unit that you see at the desktop is driving this monitor, which is actually a video wall.
And we have two more behind the primary wall driving that entire wall. The solution is primarily software-driven, but we do need some devices to drive the video wall and the video wall content.”

Feedback from Customers

“So very interestingly, we’re hearing a lot of feedback from customers, not only integration firms coming to us, but end-user clients as well, sharing some of the trends that they’re experiencing within their own businesses.”

Security Trend and Solutions

“Fortunately and unfortunately, for obvious reasons. But security is in very high demand. The trend is to move to an AV over IP-based solution.”
“We’re getting away from those large matrix switchers, single point of failure, and going into distributed AV with these node devices that live either right behind the wall or display or in a rack room nearby.”

VuWall’s Capabilities

“So security as an industry, if you will, has a need for monitoring and management of different systems.”
“What VuWall does really well is we allow the operator at his or her workstation to not only view what’s happening in real time through different camera feeds, web browsers, etc., but if there happens to be an intrusion, for example, or a breach or someone enters a building when they shouldn’t be, we can actively capture that content.”
“It’ll pop up as an alert on the main screen, letting everyone know at their workstation and who’s managing the video wall that something was detected, something happened, and now we need to do something about it.”
“We are not only managing content in real time, but we’re also looking for those types of events that happen that are unplanned for so we can react accordingly.”

Future Trends and Global Integration

“So going back to what we discussed earlier about the large hardware and the move away from big iron chassis deployments and moving into an AV over IP solution, this is great not only for single location customers, but customers that happen to have offices and spaces not just in their existing facility, but perhaps across the street, across the city, across the country, or around the globe.”
“As soon as you put the content on the network, it’s accessible.”
“So VuWall does this incredibly well, AV over IP, to make sure that these additional facilities and management teams have access to the content that’s coming into the system at headquarters or otherwise.”

Article written by Alexandra Simon. 

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