The Biggest Challenges Facing Audio Engineers Today

April 14, 2023
Chuck Espinoza


This week on Lessons From an Audio Guy, host Chuck Espinoza walks through how audio engineers need to start thinking like system admins to consider network challenges.

The audio industry has undergone tremendous change in recent years, and this shift has presented challenges to audio engineers. One of the biggest challenges faced by audio guys today is how to make their work efficient on the network, especially since there is less analog work being done.

With fewer analog setups needed, audio guys need to start thinking like system admins and get creative with their work.

The rise of digital technology has changed the face of the industry, adding more complexity to the technical aspects of audio engineering. Networking infrastructure is now a crucial aspect that needs to be considered as part of any event or production setup. Audio engineers must now coordinate with IT admins at various houses or venues they intend to work in, well ahead of time, making sure their equipment will be compatible with existing network infrastructure.

It’s important for audio engineers to start thinking beyond live sound and explore new possibilities in broadcast engineering. Audio engineers have unique skills that make them excellent candidates for broadcast engineering jobs that involve multiple streams of information and making quick changes. The ability to pay attention to multiple streams of information at once makes them invaluable assets in this field.

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