The Evolution of AV Distribution: VuWall’s Perspective with Paul Vander Plaetse

May 26, 2023

The CEO and Founder of VuWall, Paul Vander Plaetse, sits down with the Host of Pro AV Today, Ben Thomas to discuss the evolution of technology that allows for constant improvements in signal distribution and throughput, such as the move from 1G to 10G networks.

The evolution in IT and signal distribution technologies has led to SDVOE technology which combines traditional features, like fast throughput and zero latency with new capabilities like full frame rate for 4K signals. This means that traditional matrix switches will soon be replaced by network switches or even wireless mesh networks.

One of the biggest advantages of SDVOE technology is its scalability. With more sources and more destinations, more decoders can be utilized to increase throughput capacity. Furthermore, interoperability among members of the SDVOE Alliance.

ensures that products from different manufacturers can be used without any compatibility issues. For example, if a customer requires wall plates from a specific brand while using encoders and decoders from another manufacturer in their AV infrastructure based on SDVOE 10G distribution technology, it would not create any problem.

There is often confusion about whether a 1G or 10G network should be used for signal distribution; however, it is important to note that AV networks should not be mixed with corporate networks due to security reasons.

Outside of control rooms where SDVOE technology has already been implemented successfully for video walls and other applications such as command centers or NOCs (Network Operations Centers), there are opportunities to implement this technology in education and casinos where there is an increasing demand for high-quality AV solutions.

Overall, as more people use SDVOE technology in a wider variety of applications, the price will drop from unaffordable to affordable, thus brightening the future for affordable and high quality signal distribution in audiovisual applications!

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