The Evolution of Industrial Wearable Technology


As Pro AV melds into new B2B industries, new technological advancements are continually being made. Especially when it comes to price accessibility and form factor. Reflecting on this, Sean Petterson, CEO of StrongArm spoke to host Ben Thomas, on the advancement and importance of wearables for industrial athletes and B2B industries.

Leading the charge in the industrial space, Petterson aims to help industrial athletes stay in the industry long-term. The problem, Petterson said, “…are these injuries that happen at a rate of 38,000 an hour around the world…that’s $3 trillion a year spent around the globe on stuff that I think is avoidable.”

While StrongArm grew out of an exploratory process to help challenge this problem and show people improvements are possible, Petterson reflected that best practices have carried on through the decades and do not always take into account current situations, “…A lot of that is process check…but technology hadn’t really married the industries.” While technology helped accelerate the industry on an industrial process scale, there were little improvements seen on the safety-side.

By making safety solutions more accessible by cost, ease of use, and translation of data, safety in industry can be improved. Petterson stated, “There’s a real opportunity to apply really rigorous human-centered design and engineering into this space and we were really successful at that.”

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