Designing today’s digital signage is more than thinking about filling the screen. It’s about the how and why of the information and data being presented. (And actually, don’t fill the screen. White space is your friend.)

Today on the Pro AV Podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with digital designer Rich Archer for a nuts and bolts discussion about the philosophy of design and how data makes the difference in effective and good-looking digital signage.

Archer joined the design team at Omnivex three years ago, after spending two decades in design, marketing, and communications. With an educational background in architecture and experience in graphic design, Archer saw an interesting intersection of two schools of design thought coming together in digital signage.

“I don’t think I could find a better merge of data and design than digital signage with the applications of it we build here at Omnivex,” Archer said.

Archer uses this blend to influence his design approach and offers tips for doing the same.

“Thinking of the how and why of graphic design was just like thinking of the how and why of architecture for me,” Archer said. “Thinking about the how and why we build houses for certain scenarios, clients, climates… that applies here.”

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