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What To Expect at DSE 2023

Still of the DSE 2023 Logo
  On this episode of Pro AV Today, we're diving into a comprehensive preview of the Digital Signage Experience (DSE) 2023. Here's what's coming up: DSE's Renaissance: We're discussing Read more


Cara Smyth on responsible retail
By Navigating Sustainability and Responsible Retail, Businesses Can Reach Better Ethical and Profit Achievements
November 30, 2023

The world is in an era where sustainability and responsible retail business practices are increasingly crucial. For the latest episode of “What Just Happened,” host Christine Russo further explored the hows and whys of this pressing issue by interviewing Cara Smyth, Global Senior Managing Director for ESG and Responsible Retail at Accenture, and Chair […]

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standing out from the competition
Standing Out From the Competition
November 30, 2023

In a crowded marketplace, authenticity could be the strongest differentiator in standing out from the competition. Actor and Keynote Speaker Greg Bryk shares his insights on making a mark, on-screen and in the B2B arena. Bryk emphasizes the power of authenticity over pandering to the audience. He explains, “The way to stick out from […]

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Marine Corps
How Marines Master Communications Through Radio
November 29, 2023

Amid the chaos of the battlefield, the mastery of radio communication can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Marine Corps Veteran Jacob Dent provides a comprehensive look at the pivotal role of single-channel radios in ensuring operational success and safety for Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton and in global operations. The video delves […]

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What To Expect at DSE 2023
November 2, 2023

On this episode of Pro AV Today, we’re diving into a comprehensive preview of the Digital Signage Experience (DSE) 2023. Here’s what’s coming up: DSE’s Renaissance: We’re discussing the comeback of DSE and its evolution into a show that is designed to serve the modern AV community. Innovations and Education: Breaking down the educational […]

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Understanding Digital Signage in Enterprise Settings
October 18, 2023

In this episode of Pro AV Today, host Ben Thomas sat down in studio with George Clopp from Korbyt for an in depth chat about the changing dynamics of digital signage within the enterprise setting. The conversation highlights how perceptions of digital signage have evolved, especially in the wake of the pandemic. It’s no longer […]

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Digital Signage Investments in Schools Help Inform On-Campus Happenings, Such as Notification of an Active Shooter 
September 1, 2023

Gone are the days when digital signage investments on college campuses was merely a rotating carousel of event announcements and cafeteria menus. Today, thanks to advances in technology and data analytics, these screens are transforming into interactive hubs that offer customized experiences, wayfinding, and even safety information. Beyond acting as virtual billboards, they […]

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The Rise of NUC Technology in Pro AV Installations
July 20, 2023

In this episode of Pro AV Today, host Ben Thomas interviews John Deatherage, CMO of Simply NUC, about the growing prominence of NUC (Next Unit of Computing) devices in professional AV installations. Deatherage highlights the advantages of NUCs in the AV industry, such as their compact size, performance capabilities, and customization options. He explains how […]

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Redesigning the Cinema Experience with Showcase Cinemas
July 14, 2023

Showcase Cinemas, known for providing a premium movie-going experience, sought to differentiate themselves from other exhibitors by offering luxurious recliner seating, cutting-edge laser projection, and Dolby Atmos sound. To enhance this experience further, Showcase Cinemas embarked on a project to revamp their outdated signage system. Through a collaboration with Deal Media and Phillips, they successfully […]

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Redesigning the Church Experience with Desert Reign
July 3, 2023

In a quest to enhance their church experience and engage their community, Desert Reign Church embarked on a remarkable transformation. With a focus on creativity and outreach, the church sought to upgrade their audio-visual systems and overall design. Their search for the perfect LED wall led them to an unexpected partnership with Phillips, resulting […]

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DSF Announces Election Results
January 6, 2023

New and Re-elected Board Members to serve a two-year term starting January 2023 (Warrenton, VA) After a four-week election for At-Large Board seats the Digital Signage Federation is proud to announce the final tallies of the 2022 election cycle. A total of six seats were open for candidates to fill. More than 60 members cast […]

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What’s Next for Digital Signage?
March 9, 2022

Digital signage has been a regular part of many environments for nearly 20 years. While it’s no longer “new,” it’s still a critical piece of technology used in settings from retail to airports to corporate. So, where is the market today and what’s next? Expert Justin Shong, General Manager, Americas at Jupiter Systems, joined […]

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Don’t Touch This: Trends and Technology at InfoComm 2021
October 22, 2021

Key Points: The cost in the LED market has dramatically decreased from a manufacturing perspective and a consumer demand perspective, LED’s are a lot more attainable. The LED market is expected to heat up and have a big push starting next year. Touchless interactivity is going to be the new “natural experience,” according to […]

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