Redesigning the Church Experience with Desert Reign

July 3, 2023


In a quest to enhance their church experience and engage their community, Desert Reign Church embarked on a remarkable transformation. With a focus on creativity and outreach, the church sought to upgrade their audio-visual systems and overall design. Their search for the perfect LED wall led them to an unexpected partnership with Phillips, resulting in an awe-inspiring sanctuary like no other.

Desert Reign, known for its mission to love Jesus and people, had a thriving food ministry that showcased their giving spirit. As they gave more, they began to receive more. Inspired by this experience, the church aimed to elevate their worship space during Vacation Bible School. The idea of an LED wall emerged, and their outreach director orchestrated a breathtaking underwater theme using rented LED screens.

However, the church wanted to go beyond a temporary setup. They desired a permanent LED wall that would truly elevate their worship experience. Scott, the church’s representative, collaborated with Desert Reign and coordinated with Phillips to create a compelling demo. Phillips’ high-resolution LED wall, with its superior visual effects, captivated the church members, solidifying their decision to make the change.

To ensure their decision was well-informed, Desert Reign Church visited Phillips’ location for a firsthand demonstration. The partnership between Phillips and TechArts, the church’s contractor, was seamless, leading to an outstanding collaboration that exceeded expectations. The project, rated as an A plus, showcased the remarkable potential of the Phillips LED wall.

Having researched extensively and explored various options, Desert Reign Church found Phillips to be the clear leader in LED wall technology. The transformative impact of this partnership is expected to resonate with other churches seeking to enhance their worship experiences.

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