Understanding Digital Signage in Enterprise Settings

In this episode of Pro AV Today, host Ben Thomas sat down in studio with George Clopp from Korbyt for an in depth chat about the changing dynamics of digital signage within the enterprise setting.

The conversation highlights how perceptions of digital signage have evolved, especially in the wake of the pandemic. It’s no longer about generic displays; the focus is now on delivering personalized content, tailored specifically for individual departments. With advancements in AI, content has become smarter, ensuring it’s both relevant and timely for its audience.

One of the key discussions revolvs around the integration of real-time data into digital displays. From CRMs to call logs, modern digital signage is all about seamless connectivity. With Korbyt helping lead the way, offering nearly 200 integrations, the possibilities seem endless.

The duo also delved into the challenges presented by the rise of remote work, with an emphasis placed on the collaborative effort required for successful digital signage implementation. It’s not just an AV team’s responsibility anymore. HR and communication departments play pivotal roles, underscoring the need for a united front in this ever-changing AV landscape.

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