Sounds Like Success: The State of the Union for the AV Industry


COVID-19’s impact on businesses across the globe is widespread. To provide context on how the Pro AV space is dealing with the crisis, Gina Sansivero, VP, Marketing & Corporate Communications, AtlasIED, and Michael Peveler, VP of Sales, AtlasIED recently joined Sounds Like Success for an industry update.

Sansivero and Peveler agree that one of the significant shifts in how they are doing business today is travel. Both had heavy travel schedules between customer meetings, product launches, trade shows and other important events. Now, everything has moved to an online environment.

But how has the pandemic impacted business for AtlasIED? Peveler said many customers are using the time with people out of the building to complete AV projects that might otherwise be complicated by the interruptions of a typical workday.

“Because many schools are online for the remainder of the scholastic year, we see many of our school-oriented projects initiated now,” Peveler said.

One of the things Sansivero said helps in times like these are firm core company values.

“As part of our mission to give back, and one of our core values, integrity, we decided to dedicate some of our bandwidth and reallocate it to a new manufacturing process. We’ve started creating face shields to be donated cost-free as PPE to healthcare workers across the country,” Sansivero said.

While Peveler felt fortunate that AtlasIED’s supply chain was strong, its manufacturing capabilities are intact, and it can service customers during the pandemic, he recognized many companies in his industry are struggling.

“We want to see everyone in our industry, competitors included, be healthy,” Peveler said.

And, while tradeshows are off the table for the time being, Sansivero said AtlasIED found a creative solution to introduce new products to the marketplace with a new virtual and limited in-person approach. There will be exciting product update announcements on an upcoming episode of Sounds Like Success.

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