Vistacom Tech Expo 2023: Lightware’s Innovative Taurus UCX

November 3, 2023


Celebrating its 15th rendition, Vistacom Tech Expo 2023 paves the way for tech enthusiasts and industry leaders to converge, unveiling the latest Audio-Visual (AV) technology. The expo’s spectrum of booth interviews provides a deep dive into the cutting-edge solutions that are gearing up to redefine the AV landscape.

In this notable Vistacom booth interview, Steve Samson, Vice President at Lightware Visual Engineering, sheds light on Lightware’s remarkable innovations. Lightware, a renowned manufacturer of audio-video products, delves into the realm of AV over IP with a robust 20-gigabit, zero-compression solution alongside a comprehensive catalog of HD and SDView-based extension solutions. Their newest revelation, the Taurus UCX, stands out as a groundbreaking USB switching and extension solution – a first of its kind in the market. The UCX kit, comprising a transmitter switcher and a receiver box, facilitates seamless switching between up to four hosts, thereby addressing the prevalent pain points in AV connectivity and switching.

Moreover, Samson accentuates the versatility of their UCX category, demonstrating its compatibility with modern USB-C and legacy devices like room PCs, nooks, or codecs. The highlight extends to their active optical cable, which encapsulates full bandwidth audio, video, and ethernet into a single cable, exemplifying Lightware’s commitment to simplifying connectivity while maintaining high performance.

This intriguing conversation with Steve Samson uncovers Lightware’s continuous endeavor to innovate and solve pertinent AV challenges, echoing the essence of progressive exploration that Vistacom Tech Expo 2023 embodies.

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