Vistacom Tech Expo 2023: Exploring Visionary Solutions’ Latest AV Over IP Offerings

November 3, 2023


The Vistacom Tech Expo 2023, commemorating its 15th anniversary, once again congregates pioneers in the Audio-Visual (AV) domain, creating a stage for showcasing avant-garde solutions. Through various Vistacom booth interviews, attendees venture into the cusp of AV technology, discovering the fresh innovations set to revolutionize digital communication and content-sharing landscapes.

In this spotlight interview, Louis Eig from Visionary Solutions delves into its new AV over IP products, marking a significant stride in bridging high-quality content delivery with ease of integration. By introducing a novel series of encoders and decoders, Visionary Solutions now facilitates seamless 4K content transmission across standard gigabit local area networks with minimal latency. These products, as highlighted by Eig, stand out in addressing supply chain challenges with their low power consumption, which translates to enhanced stability and reliability.

Furthermore, Eig unveils the compact design of their wall plate encoder, exemplifying Visionary Solutions’ endeavor to provide practical, easy-to-integrate, and maintainable AV over IP solutions. The innovative design, coupled with the enhanced USB capabilities, not only eases the installation process but also ensures scalability without necessitating a centralized controller.

This engaging dialogue with Louis Eig elucidates Visionary Solutions’ unwavering dedication to advancing AV technology, encapsulating the ethos of innovation that Vistacom Tech Expo 2023 epitomizes.

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