What Makes the Ultimate AV Over IP Standard?

March 1, 2023


On this Cutting Through soundbite, Paul Harris discusses the world of AV over IP standards. Discover what defines the ultimate standard as Paul discusses its key attributes, spanning from 10-100 all the way to over 100 gig. The standard must not only address single streams but also accommodate multi-streams for low and high bandwidth scenarios. Additionally, it should cater to the needs of USB, 232, IR, and video wall modes, including special effects like windowing and seamless switching. Essentially, the ultimate AV over IP standard should amalgamate various existing standards into a versatile solution that can be widely adopted across different markets.

Key Points:

  • AV over IP: Discover the revolutionary standard that transforms audiovisual transmission, enabling seamless switching, high-speed performance, and unmatched versatility.
  • Comprehensive Compatibility: Explore how the ultimate AV over IP standard addresses diverse needs, accommodating multi-streams, USB, 232, IR, video wall mode, and more, while ensuring compatibility with various market requirements.
  • Future-Proof Solutions: Gain insights into the scalability and adaptability of AV over IP, from Cat5e to Cat7, fiber, and beyond, empowering users to select the best equipment for their applications and achieve optimal performance.

Paul’s Thoughts:

Paul emphasizes the importance of adaptability, advocating for seamless scaling from Cat5e to Cat7 or fiber connections. When selecting the right AV over IP solution, consider factors such as price, feature set, and existing infrastructure.

You have numerous choices available, ranging from the H264 and H265 standards designed for the 10100 market. These standards offer high compression but higher latency, making them suitable for remote applications or recording purposes. In conference rooms, the focus shifts to 1GB solutions that deliver high quality with minimal latency, ensuring a smooth experience without noticeable delays. These solutions encompass ancillary features like quick switching, USB support, and video wall modes, catering to the majority of users’ needs.

For industries demanding utmost image perfection and low latency, such as broadcast, eSports, and medical fields, the preferred choice is the 10GB solutions. SDVOE currently leads the pack as it aims to become the standard for such applications. It offers interoperability, windowing capabilities, and high image quality with an impressive 100 microsecond latency.

Paul’s consistent advice is to focus on the infrastructure and select a solution aligned with the intended application. In specific sectors like conferencing, digital signage, education, and government, most solutions support 1GB, while the 10GB solutions shine in the medical and broadcast domains or for those seeking future-proof options. Rest assured, Aurora is ready to support and embrace the ultimate AV over IP standard once it emerges. Stay tuned for exciting advancements in the field as the industry pioneers strive to deliver what everyone eagerly anticipates.

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