What to Expect From Our New Series: “Lessons from an Audio Guy”

January 24, 2023
Chuck Espinoza


Aurora Multimedia is bringing essential knowledge about AV network engineering to audio professionals. Aurora engineers have been exploring the implications of using a network switch to transport audio/visual content and what this means for broadcast quality and latency. They have been uncovering details about IGMP snooping, flooding, jumbo packets, and frame rates that can make all the difference in broadcast performance. Their goal is to make sure that audio professionals are well-informed about the latest industry standards when it comes to AV over networks so that they can pick out quality equipment for the job.

The team at Aurora emphasizes that proper setup is key when configuring a network switch for optimal AV streaming performance. Everything from addressing VLANs to disabling unnecessary flooding must be taken into account. Additionally, they are emphasizing how important time-sensitivity is in an audio/visual context; if video streams or audio streams don’t reach their destination on time then the entire experience will suffer as a result.

The expert engineers at Aurora are sharing their lessons with others through their website coming soon so that everyone can benefit from their knowledge of AV over networks and compare products apples-to-apples accurately without getting lost in marketing campaigns.

If you would like to make suggestions for future episodes or topics you would like to see covered you can reach out to us at:

Chuck Espinoza


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