Bauer Built respects the American farmer, and thus strives to stay current with agricultural equipment technology and is committed to providing farmers with the best performing tires available on the market today. Tire performance is critical to the industry, affecting a farm tractor’s ability to execute precision agricultural tasks and truck tires to move raw goods one-step closer to the consumer. Two of the leading Ag tire product lines available at Bauer Built are from Michelin and Firestone.

Soil Compaction Solutions

One notable form of soil damage is soil compaction, caused by heavy agricultural machines traversing the soil. Compaction often occurs in difficult climatic conditions. This damage affects the nature and quality of the land, which creates serious difficulties for the agricultural community. Both the Firestone Performer EVO tire and the Michelin line of ag tires considerably reduce soil compaction and improve the traction capability of farming tractors. The Firestone Performer Evo Tire offers lower inflation pressure, and in addition, these tires feature an increased sidewall flex for an improved ride. Designed with an R-1W tread depth that is 25% deeper in the center than standard R-1 tread, this tire provides traction in a multitude of soil conditions.

Seasonal Challenges

The right tires are especially important during rainy seasons and harvest times. Farmers must make decisions about processes based on the condition of the soil at various periods throughout the year. During heavy rains, for example, ruts are formed, making machine operation especially challenging. A rut is a longitudinal destruction of the soil characterized by a deep recess when run over by machines, especially on muddy soil. In addition to increased energy consumption by ag machines, the consequences are catastrophic for farmland too, since nothing grows in a rut. This growth reduction leads to huge net losses for farmers. Ruts also foster water stagnation, which can choke vegetation and breed diseases.

In the field, the quality of an agricultural tire lies in its ability to carry very heavy loads at very low pressure. A tire that can maintain direct contact with the ground provides a solution that helps to limit compaction and rut formation. Therefore, the higher the tire pressure, the greater the pressure on the soil, and the greater likelihood of extensive compaction and rut formation. As a solution, Bauer Built often recommends Ag tires from Firestone and Michelin for the farmer’s specific application needs. Bauer Built is the ideal partner when it comes to buying the latest and greatest tractor tires because we proudly support our neighbors in the agricultural industry, whose hard work is highly valuable in the U.S. and around the world, now and in the years to come.

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