Come See TEZ at the National Parking Association Convention and Expo

One of the biggest gatherings in the parking industry, the 2018 National Parking Association (NPA) Convention & Expo, will be held October 22-25 at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. This exciting event brings together parking’s foremost experts and professionals to discuss current trends, best practices, and learn firsthand what industry leaders are doing to stay ahead. That’s why TEZ, a leader in innovative mobile technology solutions, is proud to be an exhibitor at the 2018 NPA Convention.

TEZ will be showcasing technology that fuels amazing guest experiences including:

  • SMS Valet – An all-in-one fully ticketless valet solution that enhances guest experiences, increases revenue, and eliminates fraud. SMS Valet features multiple validation methods with no app download required by parkers.
  • Lot Monitor 2.0 – An event parking app that allows attendants to accept payment via credit card and helps eliminate fraud with real-time tracking of all cars that enter and exit a lot.
  • TEXT2PARK – A mobile solution for parking lots that allows parkers to pay on their phone by simply texting a P-Code or by visiting a website. With TEXT2PARK, there is no hardware infrastructure, no app required, and no cash needed.

Building your industry knowledge and network can increase your success as a parking professional. NPA attendees gain valuable, game-changing insights on the economy, parking, best practices, and the disruption changing this unique sector. Join other parking industry leaders at the 2018 NPA Convention & Expo and uncover untapped resources and business processes that can propel parking performance into the future. While there, be sure to stop by and say hello to the TEZ team as they demonstrate the numerous benefits of their innovative, no-hassle parking solutions at Booth 415.


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