C&R Facility Tour

After decades of providing top quality cooling solutions for professional race teams and performance automotive builders, C&R has joined the PWR family of companies, delivering the latest cooling technology for your unique conditions.

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, C&R is PWR’s North American headquarters. At their newly renovated facility C&R has incorporated state-of-the-art equipment and processes, providing flexible manufacturing to a diverse set of customers. Focusing on being a solution-based company, C&R continues to incorporate latest technology with each new project they support.

This video gives an inside look of the newly expanded C&R facility.

C&R works with clients from top tier race teams, emerging technology industries, and one of a kind specialty vehicle builders. With a commitment to implement best practices and continually incorporate new technology, C&R provides peace of mind to their clients that each project receives the attention it deserves.

To learn more about C&R and how they can provide the best solutions for your unique cooling challenges, click here.

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