Geown co-hosts liDAR workshop

Recently, Geown co-hosted a well-attended workshop—Performance Analysis and Calibration of Mobile LiDAR Systems—in Lyon, France. Co-organized by Geown’s Chief Scientist Nicolas Seube, the framework for the workshop modeled the “PSR-SIIRI Automatic Calibration and Performance Analysis of LiDAR Systems” project funded by Quebec’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

Held March 26th and 27th, Geown’s workshop was a collaborative clinic that gathered around 30 geomatics professionals from industry leading companies, including EDF, Total, SNCF, YellowScan, CIDCO, Université Laval, Microdrones, Jakarto, MD Mapping, IGN, Helimap and Altametris. Focused on sharing recent results in the calibration, uncertainty modeling and performance analysis of terrestrial, UAV and naval mobile LiDAR systems, the workshop’s goal was to help improve data acquisition and processing quality while enabling better client evaluation of survey dataset performance levels supplied by service providers.

Several useful and illuminating presentations were given during the workshop, including practical case studies and compelling strategies for improving and furthering LiDAR technologies to meet existing demand and imminent need. In fact, addresses presented by Geown’s own staff members—Elliot Mugner and Rabine Nlowe garnered much interest among the participants, showcasing Geown’s algorithms while providing excellent discussion points to guide the workshop’s dialogue exchange.

Overall, Geown’s first workshop was a notable success, providing industry-collective insight to help propel the future of mobile LiDAR system technology. As such, Geown plans to host similar events in the months to come to ensure growing cooperation amidst the companies that have brought LiDAR capabilities to the technological forefront. Thanks again to Nicolas for coordinating this motivational and cooperative event.