A severe power transformer explosion in Saudi Arabia recently had a major local utilities provider in need of help. To prevent widespread, lengthy outages during the hottest summer months, AZZ sprang into action to provide:

  • Coordination and shipment of emergency supply components via 747
  • Expeditated in-house manufacturing of flanges, silver plated contact assemblies, adjustment bellows and epoxy insulators
  • 7 days of around-the-clock installation followed by one week of testing

Because AZZ came through on all three fronts, the Saudi Arabian plant was brought back on line three full days before the start of Ramadan, a time of peak demand.

AZZ high voltage bus systems are designed to accommodate almost any installation constraint, with a design that minimizes right-of-way requirements. They are suitable for voltages from 115-1200kV with continuous ampere ratings as high as 8,000.

To learn more about how AZZ got this project done in just 39 days, check out this helpful infographic.

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