The Future of Fiber Optics Is Looking Bright

What kind of industry could potentially have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 9% over the next decade? The answer: the global fiber optics market. That would mean by 2025, the fiber optic market could be worth approximately $7.52 billion. There is little question that the future is looking bright for fiber optics.

What will drive all of this growth? The primary mainspring is the need for high bandwidth in the maritime environment, the healthcare industry, technological advancements, and upgrades to current systems. Increasing demand for high-speed internet is driving the demand for high-speed fiber optics systems, including higher-capacity optical fibers and system components like optical amplifiers. Everyone wants more bandwidth, and fiber optics is proving it can deliver.

Fiber Optics, VDSL, and Home Demand for High-Speed Internet

Rising internet speeds has led to an increase in demand for Fiber to the Home (FTTH). If anything can slow the growth of fiber optics, though, it’s competition from the latest development in DSL to VDSL. Glass and plastic optical fibers are competing against copper wire, but with the rising prices of copper, it is likely that fiber optics will remain competitive.

Temperature Sensors

One place where fiber optics remains vital is the temperature sensors market. This market is expected to grow by nearly 6% over the next five years, from $5.62 billion in 2018 to $7.48 billion in 2023. Growth is expected from their use in the chemical, consumer electronics (like wearables and smartphones), oil and gas, energy and power, and automotive industries.

Optical Amplifiers

Optical amplifiers are a central component to fiber optics systems, and as the demand for fiber optics increases, so will demand for optical amplifiers. In fact, it’s predicted that the optical amplifier market will grow by around $936 million between 2019 and 2023, averaging a 9% CAGR that keeps step with the projected 9% growth for fiber optical systems. Long- and ultra-long-haul (from cities to continents) networks that amplify signal transmission over long distances will likely be a key growth driver in this sector.

Let Fiberguide Industries Be Your Guide to a Fiber Optical Future

For more than three decades, Fiberguide Industries has been a reliable, long-term strategic partner with OEM manufacturers in providing efficient, cost-effective, practical fiber optic solutions engineered to meet their specific needs. Specializing in manufacturing large core specialty optical fiber and high temperature metalized optical fibers, Fiberguide packages their fibers in a variety of assemblies/bundles to meet the requirements of diverse optical power delivery and optical sensing applications. With corporate headquarters and fiber manufacturing located in Stirling, New Jersey, applications engineering, component, and assembly manufacturing in Caldwell, Idaho, and a sales office and manufacturing in Shanghai, China, Fiberguide Industries is well positioned to serve the needs of their customers globally.

To learn more about how Fiberguide can help guide you to better optical fiber solutions, contact us at today!

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