Transhield’s Use of 3D and DAT Team Recognized for Innovation

Vehicles and heavy-duty equipment of all kinds benefit from having a protective covering during transport or storage—but the cover in question is only as good as its fit. That’s where the innovative work of the Transhield design team shines. Its reputation is built on producing custom quality products while always embracing a spirit of innovation—something that recently became evident when Transhield purchased a 3D scanner to do advanced patterning work.

Advanced Patterning and Equipment Measuring

To achieve a tailored fit for its valued customers, Transhield traditionally used a manual plastic patterning process similar to making a suit for an individual. While this painstaking process worked, it was slow. The solution arrived in 2015 in the form of 3D scanning technology. By using our TranSCAN technology which models, animates and renders, Transhield has increased its efficiency by 6X and lowered the cost of creating its custom covers.

Digital Technology Changes the Game

Bob Coulter, Transhield’s director of Data Acquisitions and Technology, joined the company in 2014 from the world of software development and immediately set about building a 3D design department. The new process of scanning objects to create a custom cover now only takes 20 minutes. 3D modeling creates the cover design based on the 3D point cloud scan of the vehicle, object, or equipment. The old plastic patterning process is now a thing of the past. Transhield’s use of TranSCAN is a good example of how traditional manufacturers can benefit from digital technology.

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