The Impact of Communication over Notifications During Emergencies

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Daniel Wagstaff talks

Investing in something that will never be used is not ideal. That is the goal, though, when dealing with emergency response and crisis management technology. In the unfortunate situation when it does need to be used, open communication can save lives, inventory, and the reputation of a brand.

Luckily, as technology has advanced, companies have the tools to be prepared unlike ever before. “Technology now allows us not only to reach you but make sure we reach you with the right message to the right people,” Daniel Wagstaff, CEO of Pocketstop said.

Pocketstop is a communication technology company that specializes in emergency awareness. Companies can provide reassurance to employees in emergencies by alerting them that they are not alone and that assistance is on the way through technology, which was not available even a decade ago.

However, making sure the proper information is communicated is still crucial. Eliminating speculation is as vital as providing safety updates and directions.

“We’re always communicating with authenticity, with transparency, to let people know, ‘we know this, we don’t know this, updates will be happening now.’ That provides, reassurance,” Wagstaff said. “Sometimes it’s what you don’t say, as much as what you do, that provides that level of insurance.”

Companies endure unique safety challenges and making sure employees can be contacted when it is needed most is perhaps the most essential business initiative one must execute, especially in today’s landscape.

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