RFID Overview

January 14, 2023
irfan ullah

In this video, Bryon Huber and Jenne Mummert give us an overview of our RFID systems. At Rentex, we knew we needed the best technology to be able to track the status of our equipment. Our RFID solution can scan up to 900 tags per second so that we know in real-time the status of orders being checked in or checked out.

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This video goes our the RFID process we have in place for any outbound orders! Your order will be sent to our outbound warehouse team, who will then grab all the specific assets that you need for your order. These assets get set into the staging lane, then RFID scanned. We make sure you get…

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Check out this video of Janne Mummert walking you through one of our Rentex warehouses! She will walk you through the inbound area, some of the departments such as screen land, and talks about the RFID systems. Once products are returned, we initiate a two touch process. The first touchpoint is done with RFID scanners,…

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This video walks you through the quality control process for Rentex monitors. The first touchpoint is done with RFID scanners, while the second is a visual and physical look-through to make sure all the products are still in great shape. The results of both processes are then compared, and the return process is complete!