What is the future of the retail industry? Two things we can say with confidence is that Amazon figures to be around for a while and pro AV will continue to play a big role in the industry. This week’s episode takes a look at these two items with guests Bryan Eisenberg from Buyer Legends and Brad Grimes from Avixa.


Guessing what Amazon is going to do next can be a tough task, but retail expert Bryan Eisenberg has his finger on the pulse of the retail giant. He joins this episode of the MarketScale Retail podcast to explain Amazon’s actions and what they could mean for the future.

“I suspect that Amazon will launch…a local marketplace,” says Eisenberg. This would allow for shoppers to purchase an item from a local retailer and choose whether they would like to pick up immediately at the store or have it shipped to their home. In this system, Amazon provides the infrastructure to allow local businesses to make sales and interact with customers while still reaping the underlying benefits.

He also suspects that it won’t be long before Amazon jumps in the transportation game. With their recent acquisition of Aurora, an autonomous tech developer, it seems to signal a future where the company dives into the self-driving arena. Imagine a world where a fleet of self-driving Amazon cars can be deployed around the city to drop you off and pick you up from work.


The intersection of pro AV and retail has been exploding over the last several years. As digital signage and retail kiosks have started booming, it has highlighted the potential for further growth in this area.

Joining this episode of the podcast is Brad Grimes, Senior Director of Communications for Avixa, to talk about the special focus placed on the retail industry coming up this year at InfoComm 2019.

“What [retailers] have discovered is that shoppers do still want to go out and shop and they will if they have an experience that speaks to them,” says Grimes. Utilizing pro AV can create those experiences shoppers are craving and allow a level of personalization that hasn’t been possible before. InfoComm 2019 provides the platform for retailers to find the pro AV solutions they’re seeking.

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