Amazon Opens Spheres, a Combination of City and Ecology

Amazon has finally opened their “Spheres” installations in the heart of their Seattle headquarters. Each glass installation emulates the climate conditions of Costa Rica’s Central Valley and boasts tens of thousands of plants and trees within, all for the enjoyment of Amazon employees. Designed by Naramore, Bain, Brady, and Johanson (NBBJ), the projects aim to help employees relax and evoke their creative side.

Each Sphere is equipped with seating that can hold their own microclimates, for employees to find their perfect relaxation spot. Walkways cross overhead for a bird’s-eye view and even a “bird’s nest” seating arrangement. Together, the Spheres are around 70,000 sq ft and can hold around 800 visitors across the three connected installations. WiFi is available and soon the public will be able to selectively enjoy a stroll through the Spheres, with guided tours and even ground floor retail space planned.

As Amazon settles in with its latest campus addition, some in Seattle are calling the Spheres a major landmark for the city itself. Some of the species in the Spheres are extinct in their home environments, and the project is a push toward greener city planning in general. Not all Seattle residents are thrilled at the Spheres, but Amazon sees it as a monumental success.

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