PLAYTIME to Attend RECon, the World’s Largest Show for the Retail Real Estate Industry

The modern retail real estate location has to be much more than just a store. It needs to be an experience. Shoppers continue to help e-commerce profits soar, but that doesn’t mean they don’t shop at brick and mortar locations, especially when you add unique ways to engage. One of which is through play areas like those we’ve built for retailers across the globe.

Because of our synergies and connections with the retail real estate industry, we’re glad to be spending time at RECon, which is the largest convention for the industry, later this month. The event is hosted by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

Increasing In-Store Time

If you keep shoppers in stores longer, will they spend more money? According to research from the Journal of Marketing, the answer is yes. Shoppers are more likely to buy unplanned items the longer they remain in store.[1] We’ve found this to be true when creating “Retailtainment” areas in retail settings. With our custom playsets, retailers have an advantage over even the e-commerce giant Amazon. Gone are the apprehensions of not being able to shop with kids. Now, shopping doesn’t have to be a rush; it again transforms into an experience.

Positive Experiences Offer Goodwill

Memories matter, as do where they happened. When shoppers have an affirmative experience at your store, with kids having fun and not melting down, it sticks with them. Most people tend to remember things on opposite sides of the spectrum: the best and the worst. When your brand is in that positive position, you’ll see true advantages. We’d love to talk to you more about how to create these moments and all the opportunities of play areas in retail.

Learn About Our New Tech

Technology makes our solutions even better. We’re working on integrating new features into our active play concepts that magnify the experience. Connect with us at the show to learn more about what’s next in play spaces.

Let’s Talk at RECon

Jeff Evans, PLAYTIME’s VP of Sales and Marketing said, “We’re glad to support RECon and its members by attending. We’ll definitely be looking at what’s trending and how we can elevate our offerings to meet the needs of the future shopping center.”

Retail is ever-changing, at an even faster pace than ever before. That’s why every shopping center has to find its differentiator. For many, it’s been partnering with us.

We invite you to connect with us before the show, so we can set up a time to chat.



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