As we get further and further into the digital age, online shopping has become the norm for many people all over the world. People can purchase their electronics, basic household supplies, and even their groceries all through the power of the internet. As we continue to focus more on online shopping, many forget that it’s currently a vocal minority, and that most people still do there shopping in stores.

“In Australia, 80 percent of people are still buying things physically in store, so that’s a really important component to get right,” said our guest today, Amy Roche, founder of Retail Rockstars.

Roche said that, because of the rising relevance of detached online shopping, many brick and mortar businesses have lost there human touch when dealing with customers.

“There’s so much choice out there today, isn’t there? We can shop wherever we want and I think the hardest thing today is that we’ve really dehumanized retail,” Roche said.

She joins us on today’s Retail Podcast to discuss the in-store experience, diving into the performative aspect of brick and mortar shopping that Retail Rockstars is bringing their creative spin to. We touch on what makes in-store shopping valuable, and how businesses can bring back their humanity whether they have customers in person or online.

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