Sneakers & Millennials: Staying Relevant by Understanding the Buyer

The millennial is a tricky shopper. But one of the most important ways to his/her heart is to get them to think they’re missing out. In fact, 69 percent of millennials admit they’ve experienced FOMO (fear of missing out), according to an Eventbrite study. Urgency is a huge part of fashion because it’s always about what’s next. That’s why sneaker brands have been able to capitalize on what’s now becoming the largest generation in the U.S.

Sneakers: A Long-Time Status Symbol

Shoe candy corresponds to sneakers, too. They’ve long been a symbol of status or style, dating back to original Converse Chuck Taylors and Air Jordans. And this obsession with sneakers has woven itself into popular culture with music and art dedicated to it. So, of course, sneakers would have a big role on social media, a place perfect for showing off kicks.

Sneaker brands are spending a lot of time on social media, trying to keep the attention of millennials and get a share of their disposable income. What these brands get right is they understand the millennial lifestyle, and their love to be part of something and live a life of experiences.

Adidas Takes Millennial Kick Picks to the Design Floor

Adidas recently made a statement with its Deerupt campaign on Instagram, a product that inspired by the way shoe lovers take photos of their sneakers for social. That’s an interesting way to design a shoe, one that many seem to think is pretty cool. So, how does the millennial appreciate this? Well, they are likely the ones who have been taking snaps of their shoes. The Deerupt represents their participation in the design process, and this is certainly something that generation craves.

Keds Has Timely Message

Adidas isn’t the only shoe brand trying to create an experience for millennials. There have been other campaigns that seemed very relevant and timely, including the campaign by Keds, featuring “Ladies First Since 1916.” This absolutely makes sense for the brand, too. It’s not contrived. It’s genuine. Although Keds is over a century old, it still has a position in the millennial market. Past collaborations with Taylor Swift were a smart move as well.

Puma Collaborates with a Millennial Favorite

Puma has also sought to revitalize its brand and be on the hot list for millennials. Step one was adding Rhianna as creative director. According to the Business Insider top 100 brands for millennials, Puma made the list at 79, thanks to the success of its collaborations with the celebrity.

Nike Builds Communities

Nike has never left the picture as far as being the top of the sneaker industry. It also gets the lifestyle of the millennial and that it’s one based on experiences. And to have these experiences they need the right shoes and athleisure. This isn’t a generation that is shy. They like to be bold. Nike lets them express this and fit their lifestyle. The brand has even gone beyond connecting with millennials digitally. They’ve introduced Nike run clubs, creating a community offline as well.

There is no perfect campaign to attract millennials. The most important part of how the brands connect with this generation is they understand their buyer.

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