Studies Show Consumers Spend More Time Shopping in Digital Realities Versus a Digital Page


The convenience of online shopping means those crowded malls are no longer. No more waiting in a long line to purchase an item, no more pushing through crowds. But also, no longer being able to see the item in a room, on display. No more walking into a store and seeing the products incorporated as designed. But what if that could change? Retail Refined host Melissa Gonzalez sits down with Head of Global Sales of ByondXR, Mark Loeb to discuss the impact technology can have in the retail industry.

Designed to provide consumers a deeper online connection with retail, Loeb emphasized the “phydigital” aspect of ByondXR, which provides 2D and 3D renditions of retail showrooms and which aims to integrate into the Metaverse and beyond.

“It’s giving them [consumers] the experience of seeing all the things that are happening in the store and see the products and learn about the products…play a game and really engage with the brands.”

Loeb remarked on how much longer consumers tend to spend in ByondXRs digital realities versus typical digital pages, “Consumers are spending a little bit more than 4 minutes and 32 seconds in a branded experience.”

To balance engagement and purchasing, Loeb stated that ByondXR uses calls to actions to maintain engagement, such as watching videos on the product, bundles, and coupons. Loeb said, “Consumers are really engaged with us. It’s almost a 54% conversion rate than a typical PDP.”

Not only are consumers able to learn more about the brands but they are able to engage and really involve themselves in the purchasing process.

E-commerce is here to stay, Loeb, and ByondXR understands the value in the future of expanding retail for the metaverse and creating a virtual, user-friendly interface for consumers.

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