Understanding Current and Incoming College Students and Their Generation is Vital for Company Growth

August 1, 2023
Alexandra Simon


Personalization and DIY are now a mainstay in today’s world, but striking disruption comes in the form of Dormify, the ultimate solution to bland and uninspiring dorm rooms. What started as a mother-daughter quest to find chic dorm room décor turned into a business dedicated to helping college students and first-apartment dwellers design a space that is unique and reflective of their personal style. 

A hallmark of Dormify’s success lies in the way they’ve created an engaged community of college students, growing organically from a content site into an e-commerce platform offering tools, advice, and home décor solutions for students across the U.S. 

In today’s conversation, we delve into the ins and outs of Dormify’s growth, its partnerships with other companies, its understanding of evolving demographics, particularly Gen Z and Alpha, and its vision for the future. Joining an episode of “Retail Refined,” is Amanda Zuckerman, the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Dormify, whose dedication and innovative ideas lie at the heart of the company.

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