ISC West Video

March 25, 2023


Harnessing the power of information to elevate security information, AV decision support, data accessibility is critical so is visual quality. It’s time to work in a way that is less siloed and to see the whole picture. At RGB Spectrum, we provide solutions that ensure your mission critical data is available in real-time to make better decisions faster.

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The fully integrated video platform showcased by RGB Spectrum at ISC West 2023 provides clarity without forfeiting crucial data for optimum security operations.    Security operators regularly monitor large video walls that display visual information from a variety of sources such as live, IP, direct tv, and more. RGB Spectrum’s integrated video platform ensures…

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Pro AV continues to make its presence felt across numerous industries, and the security market is no exception. In part 2 of the Pro AV Today series focusing on command and control rooms (Part 1 can be found here), Ben Thomas welcomes industry expert Scott Norder of RGB Spectrum to source his insights on the…