The 5 Most Innovative Uses for Fiber Optics Today

Every year, companies like Fiberguide create new technologies for engineers to incorporate into their designs. With each leap in fiber optic technology, we see thrilling trends emerge. And thus far in 2018, the theme for products using specialty fiber optics seems to be “do more with much less.” These current innovations offer more speed and other exciting high-tech capabilities, but with less bulk and waste. While there are endless possibilities and creative uses, below is a countdown of the top five most game-changing fiber optic technology applications today.

5. Seemingly Futuristic High-Speed Transceivers

With the Internet of Things, the Cloud, and Big Data taking over, consumers have demanded faster Ethernet than ever before. A few cutting-edge companies have started to meet that demand. Thanks to improved fiber optic capabilities, speeds as fast as 400G are just over the horizon. In fact, Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density transceivers are no longer just a fabrication of science fiction portrayed in a Gene Roddenberry movie.

4. Cost-Effective QSFP28 Transceivers

While 400G speeds are just around the corner, don’t count 100G out just yet. Some innovative professionals are employing QSFP28 transceivers to carry 100G speeds. With this application, quick speeds can come without the bulk that other connectors have. It’s a smart way to do more with less.

3. New Standard Form Factors

Currently, there are several formats considered standard for 100G: CFP, QSFP28, CFP4, and CFP2. While these formats are certainly satisfactory, new advancements aim to streamline production and narrow the playing field. Thanks to its superior durability and unmatched versatility, many in the industry consider the QSFP28 the leader in this race. With improved capabilities in the fiber optic components, the QSFP28 is set to emerge victorious in this race.

2. Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (PON) systems

Some researchers have begun to standardize mass produce Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (PON) systems. Systems like the GPON and 1G-EPON help fulfill the consumer demand for more bandwidth and higher capacity. These more efficient systems could not be possible without recent advancement in fiber optics.

1. Remote PHY

In the continual endeavor to give consumers the bandwidth they desire, companies like Cisco Systems Inc. and ANGACOM have announced remote PHY capabilities. This will allow operators to add more density to their CCAP chassis while providing consumers with the ever-elusive bandwidth they’ve been clamoring for. As more companies announce this capability, the industry may witness a race to the top of this niche.

Fiberguide Can Help You Innovate

To be relevant in today’s mercurial communications industry, organizations must align themselves with emerging technology at breakneck speeds. That’s where Fiberguides excels. Fiberguide offers cutting-edge fiber optic technology to futurize operations for the long term. Whether your needs include optical switching, silicon photonics or other optical communications technologies Fiberguide has design and assembly expertise that can help speed or improve your products. For decades, Fiberguide has been recognized by OEM producers as the reliable and strategic fiber optic partner, offering practical solutions that do more with less. Learn more about Fiberguide’s solutions.


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