Choosing the Right Tree: Understanding Your Desired Space

July 5, 2023
Wes Rivers


When faced with the task of replacing a removed tree in your yard, careful consideration of the available space and desired functionality is essential. In this enlightening conversation, Wes Rivers, VP of Operations at TreeNewal, shares valuable insights on choosing the right tree species based on its intended purpose and compatibility with the surrounding environment. Making an informed decision not only enhances the aesthetics but also increases the economic benefits and overall value of your property.

Teasing the Core Question:

How can homeowners ensure they are choosing the right to replace a removed one, considering the specific functions they want the tree to fulfill and the characteristics of the space?

In this educational soundbite, Wes Rivers, VP of Operations at TreeNewal, provides expert guidance on selecting suitable trees that match the desired functionalities and seamlessly fit into the available space.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Identifying the functions you want the new tree to serve, such as screening, shade, aesthetics, or soil retention.
  • Considering the compatibility of the tree species with the designated space, avoiding potential conflicts with foundations, sun exposure, or moisture levels.
  • Recognizing the various economic benefits associated with tree replacements, such as increased property value, shading, and evaporative cooling.

Guest Bio:

Wes Rivers, Vice President of Operations at TreeNewal, brings his extensive knowledge and experience in tree selection and property enhancement. With his insightful advice, Wes helps homeowners make informed decisions to choose the perfect tree replacements that provide both functionality and value.

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