Confronting Soil Compaction: Restoring Vitality to Your Trees

August 11, 2023
Sunny Crutchfield



Soil Compaction

In this informative video, join Cory Herpel, an ISA certified arborist from TreeNewal, as he sheds light on the significant problem of soil compaction in urban settings. The discussion begins with an easy-to-understand analogy. Likening the structure of uncompacted soil to a pan of brownies or cake, with plenty of open spaces and fluffiness. However, with ongoing development and redevelopment, soil becomes compressed, severely impacting tree growth. Cory explains how compacted soil makes it difficult for tree roots to penetrate, while also hindering water and air from reaching the roots, essential for a tree’s health.

The video delves into the symptoms of compacted soil on trees. This includes a lack of vigor, dead tips, and an overall thinning canopy. However, identifying compaction can be challenging as it can resemble other types of damage. The discussion emphasizes the importance of thorough assessment and investigation to determine if soil compaction is the underlying cause of a tree’s decline.

Fortunately, Cory outlines various tools and techniques used by TreeNewal to alleviate soil compaction. They demonstrate their liquid injection process. This involves injecting high-pressure water into the root zone to create fracturing and open up the soil. Another tool, the air spade, pneumatically pokes holes under the root zone and allows backfilling with compost or shale to improve conditions. In more severe cases, tilling the compacted area and introducing organic nutrients may be necessary.

While soil compaction’s initial damage may not be reversible, the video stresses the significance of taking action to improve the soil’s health and create a happier, healthier rooting environment for trees. Viewers are encouraged to seek assistance from TreeNewal’s team of ISA certified arborists. If you suspect compacted soil around your trees, especially after construction damage, and learn about the potential solutions to support your tree’s well-being. Whether you are a tree enthusiast or a concerned property owner, this video offers valuable insights into the impact of soil compaction and how to mitigate its effects on urban trees. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of tree care and soil health!

Discover more reasons why working with an arborist can safeguard the future of your trees!

The Effects of Soil Compaction

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How To Condition Soil For Better Plant Growth

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