How to Decide If a Tree Needs Removal?

July 4, 2023
Wes Rivers

Knowing when to remove a tree from your property can be a challenging decision. In this insightful conversation, Wes Rivers, VP of Operations at TreeNewal, shares his perspective on identifying the threshold when a tree transitions from being an asset to a liability. Understanding the factors that contribute to a tree’s potential danger or failure, as well as its aesthetic value, is crucial for homeowners faced with this decision.

Teasing the Core Question:

How can homeowners determine if a tree has reached the point of becoming a liability rather than an asset? What are the key considerations to evaluate when contemplating tree removal?

In this educational soundbite, Wes Rivers, VP of Operations at TreeNewal, offers valuable insights on the indicators that determine the tipping point for tree removal.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Evaluating tree risk factors, such as proximity to structures, potential hazards, and the presence of targets beneath the tree.
  • Assessing the aesthetic value of a tree and its ability to fulfill its intended purpose, such as being part of a hedge or screen.
  • Recognizing that the decision to remove a tree ultimately rests with the homeowner, considering their unique priorities and preferences.

Guest Bio:

Wes Rivers, Vice President of Operations at TreeNewal, brings his expertise in tree care and risk assessment to provide homeowners with valuable guidance on tree removal decisions. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Wes sheds light on the delicate balance between a tree’s liability and asset status.

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