Stump Removal vs Stump Grinding: A Comprehensive Comparison

July 17, 2023
Wes Rivers


In this informative video, we talk to ISA Certified Arborist Corey Herpel, a professional in the field of tree services, to address some commonly asked questions about stump grinding and stump removal.

Corey explains the key differences between the two procedures. Stump grinding, he describes, is a process that gets rid of the visible trunk and surface roots. It will seem like the tree was never there. Stump removal, on the other hand, is more comprehensive. It’s often an unnecessary procedure that involves the removal of the root ball and most of the tree’s biomass.

The conversation delves into when each procedure might be necessary. For the majority of situations, stump grinding is sufficient. However, there are certain circumstances, such as large-scale building projects requiring significant soil stability and compaction, where more of the root mass needs to be removed.

Discover more reasons why working with an arborist can safeguard the future of your trees!

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Stump Removal Versus Stump Grinding: Which One Is Better?

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