SupplySide West 2021: Market Trends

January 4, 2023

Supply Side West holds immense significance for Deerland, providing a platform for innovation and a chance to understand customer needs. This event keeps Deerland in tune with market trends and ensures the development of impactful and sought-after products. The return to in-person interactions at Supply Side West is truly invigorating, allowing Deerland to engage with industry peers and customers face-to-face.

With a focus on food and beverage, Deerland aims to expand its reach beyond the supplement space. The goal is to showcase the versatility of their ingredients, probiotics, and Solarplast in diverse applications. Embracing different delivery formats is a key trend, with gummies and liquid formats gaining significant interest. By exploring new avenues outside traditional capsules, Deerland aims to meet evolving consumer preferences and offer innovative solutions.

The connection between the human and pet industries is becoming increasingly apparent. Consumers seek clean and functional ingredients that enhance the health and well-being of both themselves and their pets. Deerland already produces human-grade ingredients, aligning with the growing demand for quality in the pet industry. As the pet market evolves, new ingredients will play a crucial role. Combining probiotics with prebiotics or phages to create synergistic functional ingredients holds promise for future pet products.

Supply Side West’s incorporation of food ingredients is a welcome development, as it highlights the blending of the food and supplement sectors. Deerland has identified complementary ingredients that can enhance their flagship DE111 probiotic, such as powdered kombucha, powdered kefir, and the growing interest in hemp and botanicals. The opportunities are endless, and Supply Side West offers a diverse and vibrant environment to explore and learn from.

Attending Supply Side West for the first time has provided a fresh perspective for Deerland. Stepping out of their comfort zone and witnessing the broader industry landscape has been both insightful and enjoyable. It’s not only about understanding industry trends but also recognizing the impact that DE111, Deerland’s flagship product, is making in the market.

Deerland remains committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and responding to customer demands. By embracing new ingredients, exploring novel delivery formats, and maintaining a human-grade standard, Deerland aims to drive positive change and contribute to the well-being of people and pets alike.

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