The Power of Nature in a Business Campus

July 3, 2023
Wes Rivers

As companies prioritize the well-being of their employees, the importance of having inviting green spaces on a business campus has surged. In this timely discussion, Wes Rivers, VP of Operations at TreeNewal, shares valuable insights on how large corporations and industrial campuses can ensure the health and beauty of their trees. With the return to office life, the need to create appealing outdoor areas becomes even more crucial.

Teasing the Core Question: How can companies effectively maintain and manage their trees to create attractive green spaces that employees can enjoy during lunch breaks and leisurely walks?

In this educational soundbite, Wes Rivers, VP of Operations at TreeNewal, delves into the essential steps and strategies for achieving healthy and visually appealing trees on corporate campuses.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The importance of partnering with an ISA certified arborist for expert guidance and maintenance assessments.
  • The benefits of conducting a thorough property walk to identify tree maintenance needs and establish a comprehensive tree inventory.
  • The value of tracking tree treatments and maintenance schedules for budgeting and long-term management.

Guest Bio:

Wes Rivers, Vice President of Operations at TreeNewal, brings extensive expertise in arboriculture and has a deep understanding of managing tree health in corporate settings. With his industry accolades and background, Wes is well-equipped to provide practical advice on maintaining vibrant trees in large campuses.

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