TreeNewal’s Advice on How to Spot Bagworms on Trees

June 6, 2023


Join ISA Certified Arborist Wesley from TreeNewal as he provides a quick insight into the appearance and impact of bagworms on trees. In this informative video, Wesley showcases an eastern red cedar, which is highly attractive to these pests. Bagworms create camouflaged cocoons using materials from the tree itself, such as berries and foliage.

These cocoons house caterpillars that voraciously consume the tree’s foliage.

Wesley points out new small cocoons at the tips of branches, demonstrating the active growth of the caterpillars within. He highlights the importance of recognizing the twitching movement within the cocoons as the caterpillars expand their living space alongside their own growth. The video also features mature bagworm cocoons, clearly showing how they incorporate pieces of foliage and fruits to blend in with the tree.

These pests can cause significant damage to trees and pose a threat to their overall health. Wesley encourages viewers who suspect a bagworm infestation to visit the TreeNewal website or contact their team directly. Their ISA certified arborists are ready to assist and provide expert guidance. Don’t let bagworms compromise your tree’s well-being. Take action and seek professional help to address this issue promptly.

Watch the video now to learn how to identify and combat bagworm infestations, ensuring the health and vitality of your trees. Visit or call TreeNewal to schedule an appointment with their dedicated team of experts.

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