WATCH: Jeff Bezos’ First Interview After Returning from Space co-founder Jeff Bezos returned safely from Blue Origin’s first-ever crewed space flight. Tune in below to watch his first televised interview and hear his initial reactions after landing back on earth.

“Honestly, I’m not talented enough to describe this in words. I can’t figure it out. It was much more than I expected. It’s awe inspiring.”

Host: Welcome back to Earth. How do you feel?

Bezos: Oh, my goodness. Wow.

Host: This is your first interview since landing. We all want to know the reality of seeing the Earth from above. Did it live up to the dream beyond?

Bezos: Honestly, I’m not talented enough to describe this in words. I can’t figure it out. It was much more than I expected. It’s awe inspiring. It’s just I don’t know. Do you have words? I don’t have words. It it was truly it was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen.

Host: So now that you’re here, now that you’ve accomplished this, what’s Blue’s next move? How does this fit into the long term vision with a long term vision?

Bezos: We’re building an orbital vehicle called New Glenn. And this vehicle we just flew, New Shepard is our suborbital tourism vehicle. So we’re going to fly that over and over and over at every time we fly it. It’s practice for the orbital mission. And it gives people a chance to see what we just saw, which is this fragile, beautiful Earth that you can’t imagine. People can tell you about it. But until you see with your own eyes, I don’t know, maybe we need to send a prototype or something. Somebody who’d be better at describing it. But I can tell you is that it’s just this thing that you can’t tell. You can see that it’s just one place. There’s no boundaries, no national lines, nothing. The atmosphere. We see the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s so big. We live in it. It seems gigantic. But when you get up there, you see that it’s actually this teensy little thing that we need to protect. So I don’t know. For me, it was definitely incredible. Yeah, it was amazing. I was surprised at how easy it was to move around in Zero-G. That was probably the most surprising. Yeah, it felt almost normal. It felt like, you know, it felt like we were somehow evolved to be in Zero-G, it felt so good.

Host: So for the people here on Earth who are wondering why are we investing all this money in space. This time and space, talk to us about how you believe this will actually help benefit us here on Earth.

Bezos: Yeah, well, this is what we’re doing is we’re building infrastructure. This is a road building a road to space. So that future generations can build the future. We live on this beautiful planet. It’s the most beautiful planet in the solar system by far. And we have to keep it safe and protect it. And the way to do that is slowly over decades to move all heavy industry, all polluting industry out into space. That’s what we’re going to do. So we can keep this planet. The gym that it is. But to do that, we need reusable spacecraft. We need low cost spacecraft. To get that, we’ve got to practice. And that’s what this tourism mission is about.

Host: We saw your kids greet you on the ground. I have four kids for the kids watching. What how do you want this to inspire them?

Bezos: Well, you know, kids are they are all if every kid has so much potential inside of them. And I hope that what we’re doing a little bit is, is unlocking that. So for kids everywhere, if the way you unlock potential is with inspiration, I was inspired as a little boy by the Apollo astronauts. And, you know, this is a next phase of commercial space development. And I hope that inspires little kids to.

*Bloomberg contributed to this content

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