Artificial Intelligence Can’t Replace the Human Element in Entertainment. Or Can it?

The rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has captivated the business world like never before, and the entertainment industry is no exception. Recognizing the need for clarity amidst the hype, Variety Intelligence Platform presents “Generative AI & Entertainment,” a special report aimed at deciphering the potential of this groundbreaking technology.

From ChatGPT to lesser-known software, this report delves into how generative AI can transform the realms of film, TV, music, and gaming. With the media industry projected to lead AI spending growth, careful planning becomes crucial. This report offers industry professionals comprehensive insights to ensure wise investment decisions.

The report addresses thought-provoking questions: Will machines replace screenwriters in Hollywood? Can generative AI enhance artists’ creativity and productivity? It builds upon its predecessor from October 2020, delivering an essential read for industry experts at all levels.

As we embark on this deep dive into AI’s impact on entertainment, anticipate further explorations throughout 2023. Given the magnitude and significance of this subject, this is only the beginning of reports compiled on the performance of AI. So keep an eye out for more information about the transformative power of generative AI in the entertainment business.

Rikki Lee Travolta, a television producer, award-winning screenwriter, and Creative Executive of The Polish Cooking Show, looks at AI as a potential benefit – but believes there are certain elements to production that remain unproven by artificial intelligence.


Rikki’s Thoughts: 

“AI technology is undeniably real and holds tremendous potential for the film and television industry. Throughout history, technology has consistently provided significant benefits, and the same applies here. However, the crucial factor lies in its correct utilization. While AI-generated content can reach impressive levels of quality, it is essential to never overlook the human element.

Writers, producers, and real individuals contribute a touch of magic to the creative process. While AI can certainly produce good results, there is a lingering question of whether it can truly capture that elusive magic.”


Article written by Gabrielle Bejarano


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