Business Coach Gives Tips For Using ChatGPT at Work


If there was anything that truly “won” 2022, it has to be ChatGPT. This Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool, developed by OpenAI, went viral for its ability to do pretty much everything – from writing short stories, correcting code, and (somewhat controversially) taking tests on behalf of students! Within five days, it had garnered five million users. To put this in perspective, it took WhatsApp two years to reach this milestone. Now business professionals are using trial and error to feel out what the best use cases are for ChatGPT at work.

Here’s how ChatGPT works: The tool is fed a huge amount of language data (as well as historical data through 2021) that helps it predict human behavior and present detailed information in a variety of tones and formats. Major tech companies are getting in on the NLP craze after seeing the wave of mass ChatGPT adoption. In fact, Microsoft recently announced plans to integrate this tool with its search engine Bing. Even Google has jumped on the bandwagon with the anticipated launch of its own AI tool Bard.

Why this rush, though? Well, businesses have a lot to gain from using NLP tools like ChatGPT. After all, ChatGPT has the ability to reduce time taken to complete tasks, analyze business problems, give suggestions, and improve overall work efficiency.

How should businesses deploy ChatGPT at work, then? Brittany Budd, founder & CEO of Brittany Budd Mindset & Business Coaching Inc, is recommending professionals find supplemental ways to integrate it into their workflows to find subtle efficiencies.

 Brittany’s Thoughts

“It is a game changer when used correctly. It can be really smart, but you have to know how to utilize it properly and ask the right questions.

It’s only as good as the user and it’s only regurgitating. What it already knows is facts. So it can’t be smarter than you, it can’t replace you, it can’t be better than you… but it can be faster than you.

We’re excited to see where this goes, and how it can be fine-tuned…It’ll be interesting to see what happens.”

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