Doing More with Less: Connected and Cloud Technologies Are Working Hard to Solve Farming and Agriculture Needs


How can connected and cloud technologies provide solutions to bring innovation and sustainability to meet the growing needs in farming and agriculture?

As the global population pushes toward an estimated 10 billion by 2050, the demand for sustainable agriculture has never been more critical. With limited arable land available, the agricultural sector is turning to connected and cloud technologies to boost productivity and efficiency. Integrating technology into farming is not just about innovation; it’s about survival and sustainability, answering the urgent need to produce more with less.

Can advanced technologies like cloud computing and IoT transform the traditional farming landscape, and what benefits do they offer the modern farmer?

On MarketScale’s Software & Technology podcast, host Ben Thomas sits down with Chris Winkler, the Director of Digital Software and Solutions at John Deere. They explore the intersection of technology and agriculture and how connected and cloud technologies drive significant advancements in the farming sector.

Main Points of Conversation:

  • The role of sensor technology and data analytics in optimizing farming operations.
  • The impact of autonomous vehicles and machinery in increasing agricultural productivity.
  • How cloud technology provides real-time insights and decision-making tools for farmers.

Chris Winkler’s robust background in technology and its agriculture applications provide a pivotal need in integrating digital solutions into farming equipment. His work focuses on making farming more efficient and sustainable through technological innovation, contributing significantly to John Deere’s transition from a traditional machinery company to a leader in agri-tech.

Article by James Kent


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