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Talk about the need to appreciate and preserve lettering as an essential part of our daily lives, often overlooked. The inspiration comes from observing lettering in the surroundings, such as signs in coffee shops or unique signage. The speaker mentions the success of their project, Good Type, which gained a large following without resorting to paid followers. Research is emphasized as important for designers, although it’s becoming a luxury due to time constraints. Immersing oneself in the subject matter allows for better problem-solving and communication through graphic design. History plays a significant role in type design, with the speaker using it as a source of inspiration. Each typeface created is seen as a tribute to ancient typographers and calligraphic styles, incorporating historical models and interpretations.

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The Potential of COW Water Reuse in Dairy Industry Shows Promise for System Management and Plant Maintenance
December 7, 2023

For the latest episode of ChemAqua’s Water Solutions podcast, the focus was on an innovative approach to water conservation in the dairy industry. The show examined the potential of reusing Condensate of Whey (COW) water, a byproduct of dairy processing, and highlighted some of its economic and environmental benefits. Hosted by Dani Waddell, the informative […]

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Tylping on a computer at a Family Entertainment Center
Best Practices for Implementing Venue Management Software into FECs
December 6, 2023

The implementation of venue management software is a pivotal step for businesses in the entertainment and leisure industry. Kalyn New from Roller Software shared her expertise on this subject in a soundbite from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo (IAAPA). Her insights focus on two main aspects: scalability and integration. New underscores […]

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innovation in sustainability
Closing the Loop: Our Sustainable Commitment to Circular Economy
December 6, 2023

This video focuses on EcoLOK4, a groundbreaking product by CONTROLTEK that exemplifies innovation in sustainability. It highlights the process of transforming landfill waste into new deposit bags, with 90% of each bag’s material being repurposed trash. This initiative not only reduces waste but also closes the sustainability loop, demonstrating CONTROLTEK’s commitment to environmentally friendly […]

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