Understanding your company’s cybersecurity needs may seem a nebulous task, but Telarus’s Dominique Singer says a simple mindset shift may help make deciding a plan of action more effective in the long run.

On this episode of the Software and Electronics podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with Singer, Vice President of Business Development for Cybersecurity at Telarus, to discuss how to be practical and wise when building and choosing cybersecurity solutions.

Singer helps design complex security solutions for large companies, but he also helps customers with limited budgets navigate this complex landscape. Singer said the difference in their decision-making process is not that different.

“The budgets are certainly different, whether it’s an extremely large business with very big security staff or a small or medium enterprise, but they still have the same challenges in that cyber threats are real and broad,” Singer said. “So, when we are working with the customer, regardless of their size, we’re taking a risk perspective.

“Fundamentally, when you make decisions about cybersecurity, it comes down to risk,” Singer said.

Singer said Equifax and Capital One breaches weren’t a failure in technology or purchase decisions, but a failure in fully understanding the business needs for comprehensive people, processes and technology.

“Cybersecurity is not a set-and-forget solution,” he said. “You must constantly have a continuous improvement mindset in place.”

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