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The Need to Protect Critical Infrastructure with Cybersecurity for IoT and OT

IoT and OT
With the growing threat of cyberattacks on critical U.S. infrastructure, is the government prepared? A December 1, 2022, report released by the U.S. Government Accountability Office Read more


China Chip Controls manufacturing plant
Biden Nears Win as Japan, Dutch Back China Chip Controls
January 29, 2023

For more on the West’s race to implement China chip controls, read Bloomberg’s explainer on the computer chip “arms race.” (Bloomberg) — Japan and the Netherlands are poised to join the US in limiting China’s access to advanced semiconductor machinery, forging a powerful alliance that will undercut Beijing’s ambitions to build its own domestic […]

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NYSE Mayhem Traced to a Staffer Who Left a Backup System Running
January 28, 2023

(Bloomberg) — More than 700 miles from Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange’s backup data center on Cermak Road in Chicago is supposed to safeguard US markets, standing by at all hours in case disaster ever strikes the world’s largest venue for trading shares. When markets are closed, it participates in a well-worn routine, […]

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California storms farmers
California Storms Have Farmers Rushing to Avoid Crop Shortfall
January 28, 2023

(Bloomberg) — California farmers are facing costly damages from weeks of severe California storms that may trigger more expensive US fruits and vegetables in a time of massive food inflation. “The numbers are going to be somewhere in the hundreds of millions and perhaps in the billions,” Dave Puglia, head of the trade group Western […]

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The Need to Protect Critical Infrastructure with Cybersecurity for IoT and OT
January 2, 2023

With the growing threat of cyberattacks on critical U.S. infrastructure, is the government prepared? A December 1, 2022, report released by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) called for immediate action on cybersecurity for IoT and OT-connected devices to provide better security for critical infrastructure vulnerable to today’s sophisticated cyber threats. The report indicates 16 […]

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Bridging the Gap Between IT and OT: What Matters Most for the Future?
December 15, 2022

IT and OT industries are experiencing a digital transformation that’s shaking up the way they do business. According to the most recent edition of SANS ICS/OT Cybersecurity, the #1 factor businesses are concerned with is the reliability and availability of their control systems. But when non-traditional attacks are plaguing enterprise networks, where are […]

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Small Business Software Spend Will Skyrocket in 2023. What Should SMBs Be Buying?
December 12, 2022

Small businesses are doing some retail therapy in 2023, and the hot commodity of the season is software solutions. According to a new report from business software vendor and marketplace Capterra, small business software spend is trending up. Around 75% of surveyed SMBs say they’ll be spending anywhere between 10-20% or even more than 21% […]

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Cybersecurity Compliance is Only Half the Battle for EdTech
December 6, 2022

TechCrunch recently reported on accusations levied by the Federal Trade Commission against edtech giant Chegg – the FTC filed a legal complaint earlier this week indicating that Chegg’s lapses in cybersecurity compliance has resulted in numerous separate data breaches in recent years, and that these breaches were avoidable with better cybersecurity practices. Sai Huda, CEO […]

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The Growing Scope of IT Managers
October 13, 2022

The scope of IT managers’ roles is growing from a security and device management standpoint. Brian Kenyon, Founding Team Member & Chief Strategy Officer at Island, joined Tyler Kern to talk about the need for collaboration, technology, and software to handle the challenges of today’s IT manager. Island is a cybersecurity company focused on […]

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The VAYA Space Podcast: C8 Secure and Vaya Space Discuss Cyber Security and Turnkey Solutions
September 20, 2022

Outer space is a frontier for many industries, one of which is cybersecurity. To discuss cyber solutions in outer space technologies, host Michelle Dawn Mooney invited aboard Jack Blood, the Chief Revenue Officer at VAYA Space, and Chad Ives, Sales Director at C8 Secure. VAYA Space is a more sustainable solution for outer space exploration, […]

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What is Your Layered Security Approach? A Look at Defense in Depth
September 14, 2022

Barry Turner, Technical Business Development Manager at Red Lion Controls, joined host Tyler Kern for a live discussion on secure remote access and the importance of companies developing solutions that ensure a higher frequency of cyberattacks doesn’t end in disaster. “Red Lion has been doing remote access for quite some time,” Turner said. “We just […]

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School Cybersecurity Strategies as Ransomware Attacks Hit 56% of K-12
August 2, 2022

Editor’s Note: In the above video, Sai Huda’s company was incorrectly shown as “CyberCash.” The correct company name is CyberCatch, which is reflected in the write-up below. Ransomware attacks are one of the biggest threats on the radar to businesses, from healthcare to QSR, especially since the several high-profile attacks in the last year. One […]

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In Touch with Entouch: The Importance of Network Security
July 20, 2022

If networks weren’t vulnerable to breaches, intrusions, viruses, and cyber-attacks, they wouldn’t need to be secure. Robust network security is a must for proper energy management solutions to be effective. Frank Menocal, CTO of ENTOUCH, spoke about the importance of network security for energy management systems and how IT departments can safeguard their networks. Menocal […]

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