IoT Security Solutions for the Safety of Connected Homes Requires Collaboration and Innovation

November 28, 2023

Since the introduction of smart devices, the world has increasingly become dominated by interconnected devices but IoT securitydemands are also growing. The “connected home” has shifted from what was once a futuristic concept to reality. With the global smart home market projected to reach $135.3 billion by 2025, the conversation around the security of these systems is also pertinent. As devices proliferate so do the vulnerabilities, which raises privacy and security concerns for consumers, manufacturers, and service providers.

How can we secure the myriad of IoT devices within our homes without stifling innovation?

For the second segment of “Wavelengths,” an Amphenol Broadband Solutions podcast, is the subject of IoT privacy and security. Host Daniel Litwin continues his conversation with Thomas Pace, CEO and co-founder of NetRise, about IoT connected homes to address the pivotal privacy and security challenges they pose. In this second part of their two-part conversation, they explored the networked environments and what proactive steps can be taken to protect them from cyber threats.

Additional key points of their continued discussion included:

  • The role of device manufacturers, network providers, and users in IoT security
  • The impact of third-party security solutions on the ecosystem of device security
  • The delicate balance between necessary regulation and its potential to inhibit competition and innovation in the cybersecurity landscape

Thomas Pace is the CEO and co-founder of NetRise. He is also an Advisor at HiddenLayer and Passage, respectively. Pace has a substantial background in cybersecurity, particularly in IoT and industrial control systems. His experience spans years, from working ICS security at the Department of Energy and a key role at Cylance, where he managed IoT firmware and embedded system engagement. He has a focus on practical solutions and understands securing complex systems against evolving threats.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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