In April of 2019, Edy Almer, VP Product at Cyberbit, conducted a webinar for aligning cybersecurity training and education with the NICE framework. Susan Green, Regional Director and Higher Education Specialist for Cyberbit, joined the webinar to discuss the objectives of the NICE framework, and the key NICE framework concepts.

Green provided an overview of the NICE (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) framework and discussed how to leverage the NICE framework in a training program, then moved into bridging practical skills gaps by offering hands-on training using a cyber range.

“This is a highly immersive, real world, scalable platform that’s unlike anything else that’s out there,” said Green.

Almer discussed the 4 building blocks of hyper-realistic simulation for training. Almer presented the Cyberbit Range Platform and laid out examples of the type of threats a skilled cyber analyst needs to prepare for.

The webinar concluded with Almer and Green taking questions from the webinar participants.

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